cheese for events

I shall set the scene. You're hosting a do, a party, a function, a gathering or a get-together of humanoids. And as we know, any grouping of this type of life-form is improved by the addition of cheese. You want to do a bit better than the supermarket but aren't sure where to start. And that's where these boxes come in.

Cheese Party Boxes

These suit 10, 15, 20 or 25 people (ish) and are based around your classic cheddar+blue+brie trio, plus crackers and biscuits.

Cheese Spreads

Cheese Spreads do the same thing, i.e. they're cheese-plus-accompaniments, but are more adventurous, with more cheeses and a greater variety of cheese types. There's more in the way of accompaniments too - olives, charcuterie and patés all feature.

Cheese Tables

Where the cheese is the centre of attention, a cheese table is a great selection of carefully chosen cheeses to suit gatherings of different sizes.