Smokey Duke and Wootton White

With so many cheeses on our shelves, any new ones have to be quite different to squeeze their way in. And since that's the case with these two, here they are!

Smokey Duke (right) is a rarity. It's a smoked brie, and although - going way back - we used to have one (called Indian Blanket, would you believe), it's long gone. So when this popped into view we were immediately keen. Made in Redruth, Cornwall, cheesemaker Martin Gaylard has a bit of pedigree: his father John used to make Cornish Brie and St Endellion up the road at Trevarrian. So I guess cheesemaking is in his blood! Anyway, Smokey Duke is a great addition to our soft cheese selection and we're pleased to have it.

The other one is Wootton White (left). Now this comes from a great small organic dairy in Somerset run by James & David Bartlett. We've dealt with them for years but somehow I'd missed this one ... until it cropped up in a Riverford Farm recipe box. Ooh, we thought: that is nice! A Greek-style soft ewes' milk cheese, its similar to feta but less salty. Is it lovely? Yes. Do we already have anything like it? No. Decision made.

So there you go: two brand new soft cheeses to keep life interesting.