What Cheeses Do Mums Like?

Mothers' Day is on Sunday 11th March, and a few suggestions for cheese-based presents can be found here - order for delivery on Friday 9th.

But what cheeses do mums like? We have pooled all our experience to put together a guide, summarised in the following poem:

What cheeses do mums like?

Kern, Keen's, Keltic Gold,
Ringwell, Rustic and Rosary,
Ticklemore, Wedmore, Tilly Whim,
Cranborne, Washbourne and Harbourne.

A bit of contrast is always good:

Old Burford, Little Ryding
Baby Yarg, Wyfe Of Bath.
Single Gloucester and Double Devonshire.

Broad-minded Mums enjoy cheeses from far and wide:

Westcombe, Vulscombe,
Norsworthy, Curworthy,
Tor, Haytor and Dorstone.
Fosseway Fleece,
Posbury and Pennard Vale.

A Mum could gorge herself on Gevrik, Goddess, Gunstone or Godminster,
Munch through a miscellaneous mixture of Monty's, Meldon and Miss Muffet,
Or have a colourful time with Dorset Red, Blue Vinny and White Nancy.
She could shape up to a Sharpham Square,
Journey to Cerney for a Pyramid or
Come a-round to the idea of a Little Wheal.

And no sensible Mum would overlook

Smuggler, Truffler
Oke, Smoake
Rachel, Francis or Katherine

Or Eve.