Our Lighter, Brighter and Generally Spruced-Up Website

We’re very pleased with this, and I do hope you’ll like it. The website has just had a make-over, and I think you’ll find it’s now lighter, brighter and clearer. It’s not a new site as such: in fact our website has generally evolved rather than changed dramatically. But we've made two big changes, and I think that together they do make the site feel very different.

Firstly, the whole site displays wider on your screen. So everything is bigger - easier, we think, to see, to read and to use. An old left-hand ‘navigation’ column has been taken out, which has also helped to give us more space for the important stuff! The old cream border at left and right has gone.

And: the home page is radically different. It’s a cleaner layout with more, and bigger, pictures. Also, we know that our customers are probably on our site looking for one of four things - to pick some cheese, send a gift, get cheese for a wedding or cheese for a business. The requirements of those four groups are really quite different. So now there’s also a section (currently headed ‘what do you fancy’) which takes you straight to the ‘gift’ offerings, the ‘wedding’ things, the corporate page or  ... just to cheese. It's our attempt to get you quickly to what you're looking for.

Further down the homepage we spotlight some products - making more of those great photos we have, and then we flag up a couple of blog posts. Finally, we've added four little text boxes which just spell out what we think The Cheese Shd is about.

There are a few other things too. Text should look bigger (Susie was always complaining that the 'body text' - used for most information - was too small). And we've changed the font from one with a small serif to a contemporary-looking sans-serif font called Open Sans - which has had quite an effect in terms of creating a refreshed look.

The new version of the site 'went live' on Thurs 27 July. As ever, feedback would be much appreciated. Nothing is set in stone, and no doubt down the line further changes will be made - any comments or observations we can get from you will really help with that. And in the meantime, smaller changes can easily be made. So if you have any thoughts, do email me.