cancellation & refunds

You may cancel any order at any time as long as the order has already been despatched. Just email us or phone on 01626 835599. We'll need the name the order was placed in and ideally your order number as well (find this on the confirmation email). We will then cancel the order, put a refund through and let you know that this has been done.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any point. Again, simply contact us with name and order number. We will note your wishes and, in the case of a Classic Subscription, issue a refund to the value of the boxes that will now not be needed.

Unused vouchers can also be cancelled and refunded.

If you have had your delivery but wish to report a problem, contact us to let us know what has happened. We deal with these issues on a case by case basis, but will usually offer a refund or replacement. Where something has gone wrong our policy is always to be guided by the customer in terms of setting things straight.