how it works

Culture is our unique cheese subscription service.

You choose: how much do you want? And how often?

It's very easy to set up.

We'll choose a contrasting selection for you, bearing in mind your preferences (i.e must be vegetarian, 'no goat' etc).

The cost is spread: we'll take payment for the first box when you order, then for each subsequent box as it leaves us.

what you get

2,3,4,5 or 6 pieces of fantastic Westcountry artisan cheese, each around 200g.

Each selection different to the last: you'll never get bored!

Along with the cheese, a detailed information sheet - with photos - so that you know a little more about what you're eating.

Subscribers will receive a 10% discount code which they can use at any time, as long as they have a Culture subscription running.

To get your Culture subscription under way, go here.


For a limited time only we are offering new Culture subscribers a first box at half price. We'd like to give people an incentive to try this brilliant pay-as-you-go cheese box scheme! You can cancel at any time after the first box, at which point you will pay no more. To take advantage of this offer:

**Order a Culture subscription. The 'number of boxes' must be at least four; everything else is up to you.

**On the basket page, use the code CULTOFF in the box at top left, then press apply. This will take 50% off the price (subsequent boxes will be at full price).

** You are free to cancel your subscription at any point after the first box has arrived, in which case your cancellation will take effect immediately.