Two Go Mad At River Cottage

After our first trip up to River Cottage last August, James and I thought we'd book ourselves in for their Spring Food Fair, which happened last weekend.

If you've never been, I can thoroughly recommend it: in addition to stacks of food producers and retailers like us, there are workshops, masterclasses, talks (by people like Hugh F-W, George Monbiot and Riverford's Guy Watson) plus lots of fun things for kids and adults alike ... all based around food, farming and the environment. So much of interest; so much to do. Put it on your calendar for next year!

The stand wasn't big enough for the 110-odd cheeses we stock, so we picked a few of our real favourites, and it was a treat to see that people liked them as much as we do. The select band included Sharpham Rustic in its garlic-and-chives version, both Devon Blue and Cornish Blue, Kern, Rachel and Cornish Gouda (you can see James cutting a whopping full-size one of these in the pictures above).

Lots of people had seen the Kate Humble programme on BBC2 (Back To The Land) all about Cornish Gouda, and if you haven't - well, it's an inspiring story that I would thoroughly recommend whilst it's still available. Kern and Rachel - both big winners at last year's World Cheese Awards - absolutely wowed people, and the blues opened their eyes (and their taste buds) to a world beyond Stilton!

All in all, we had a great couple of days. It feels like the right place for The Cheese Shed to be - with such a good ethos - and we were surrounded by great producers including, on the cheese front, Quicke's and Bath Soft Cheese. Which has to be good company to be in.

We are already looking forward to next year!

Ian | 1 June 2018