Fondue, Mark Two

The nights are drawing in. Definitely. It's colder, draughtier, the fire is getting lit every night, the slippers are most definitely on.

Now, we've all recently become acquinted with the Danish term hygge - meaning cosiness - which the Danes really value, with the winters they have. But surely we soft, pampered Brits (with our pathetically mild winters) need some of that too - and here at the Cheese Shed we like to think we'fre playing our part in creating cosiness - via fondue.

Fondue's Swiss, of course, but if the Swiss hadn't invented it I bet a Dane or a Scandiwegian of some other description would have got there sooner or later. After all, what better to stave off the encircling cold and gloom than a bubbling pot of cheese, melted in wine?

So: time for Mark Two of our Fondue Experience. It's still a brilliant fondue-kit-in-a-box. It still has all the ingredients you need to make a fondue plus the fondue set plus the recipe. And it still makes a brilliant gift. Now, however, it's even better - since we started using the simply marvellous Cornish Kern as one of the cheeses ...

NB You can also buy the fondue set on its own, or - if you've already got one of those - the ingredients on their own.