Simply Beautiful: A Cheese Cake for Spring

Well, we're on the cusp of Easter, and it's almost possible to believe Spring is around the corner. So I whisked five cheeses up the road to brilliant florist Kate Bainbridge of Simply Flowers, stacked them up and asked her and colleague Ellie to produce something quick, effective ... and above all, seasonal.

What I gave them to work with was a stack containing Quicke's Oak-Smoked Cheddar, Haytor, Smarts Double Gloucester, Little Wheal and Tilly Whim. A nicely proportioned cake to feed 70-80, and a great backdrop for - whatever Kate and Ellie fancied doing. 


Ellie started things off, quickly establishing a green and yellow colour scheme. The fabulous glowing yellow comes from narcissus soleil d'or - these are the 'sols' which are associated above all with the Scilly Isles, though these come from Cornwall. The green is viburnum opulus. The two colours alternate up the steps of the cheese cake, curving up the right-hand-side to the top - the other side of the cake is almost bare.




Then Kate got to work, adding some white hydrangeas, twisting willow twigs, and - I think I mentioned that it's almost Easter -  a few relevant extras! I did wonder whether that was - ahaha - over-egging the pudding, so our final pictures were taken both with and without. See what you think!

A fuller set of pictures can be seen on Facebook: here.



So there you are - just three different types of flowers and a bit of fun stuff (twigs, eggs) and what a great result. Plus it only took 3/4 of an hour or so.

Inspired? We hope so!