A Collaboration ... New Cakes In The Pipeline

Here's a project which is under way. I wanted to revitalise our cheese wedding cake offering: to come up with a few new ones; ring the changes. And in fact there was a need to do that beyond just keeping things interesting - because some of the cheeses we used to use for our wedding cakes were no longer made ... or no longer made in the sizes we wanted ... or their sizes had changed. Tricky! So I thought we should take all the cheeses we have available now ... and come up with some new ideas.

One thing we like to do with the cheese wedding cakes we sell is to get them photographed with some decorations which will inspire our customers: let them see how amazing a cake of cheese can look. And this time I was lucky enough to be introduced to the British Academy Of Floral Art. They're based close to us, and provde training in floristry, at a range of different levels.

Between us we came up with the idea that we would provide seven cheese cakes - all of them new comnbinations of cheese that I had devised. Academy staff Julie and Tina would create designs for them, and these would be realised by some of their students.

On Thursday 3rd March it all happened! And what amazing effects they created: each design different, each one carried out with extraordinary skill. Stunning. Here are a few photos from the day - come back soon when the new cakes will be available to buy.