Introducing Pomona, and the Blue Moon Hamper

new: Pomona - and the Blue Moon hamper

At River Cottage Festival we found ourselves placed next to Julian Temperley, the master distiller and founder of Somerset Cider Brandy. That's how we go to know about his 'Pomona' - a mixture of cider brandy and apple juice matured in oak casks. It's a beautiful digestif which Julian firmly believes could rival Port as an after-dinner drink to have with cheese.

At the Festival we supplied some cheese for a tasting, and sat in. One particular combination had the participants raving: Pomona with Cornish Blue. So now we've created Blue Moon, a box which brings both of these together. Choose from a 500g mini truckle of Cornish Blue (£26) or smaller amounts of three different blues. 

NB We do still Port - of course we do! And if you're not to be budged from there, to take a look at our recently tweaked My Blue Heaven, which matches either Croft LBV or a half-bottle of Fonseca Bin 27 with three classic blue cheeses.

5yr and 8yr-old Somerset Cider Brandy

Another consequence of a weekend in the proximity of Mr Temperley was that we decided to up our game slightly with Somerset Cider Brandy itself. So now in addition to the  3-year-old version, you can find its 5 and 8-yr matured siblings as well.

Here's the place to go to see all three.