Put A Bit Of Culture Into Your Life!


It was getting on for two years ago now that we introduced Culture - a new type of cheese subscription 'box scheme'. Unlike existing cheese subscriptions - including our own - this one didn't require you to pay a lump sum for the whole year upfront; instead, payments were taken as each box arrived. We felt that many people would appreciate this 'pay-as-you-go' approach.

Also, instead of having to accept a set amount of cheese, Culture asked you how much you wanted: anything from two to six 200g pieces each time. And finally, we made it possible to ask for a few very common preferences to be observed, such as 'no goat', 'no blue' and having vegetarian cheeses only. Recently we added another option: you can ask that the boxes should be 'pregnancy-friendly'. So now you can give this wonderful gift to a friend who is expecting (or is expected to be expecting!).

Culture In Your Life ... Or Perhaps Someone Else's

Imgaine receiving a regular selection from the 100+ beautiful hand-made Westcountry cheeses on this site! That's got to be good. We'll vary the selection each time so that it's always a nicely balanced box of contrasting things. We'll have looked at what was in your previous deliveries - in order to send you new and different cheeses to get excited about - and each box contains a corresponding set of information cards with photos.

And what a lovely gift this makes! Why send someone you love more stuff ... when you could be sending them a beautiful (and ongoing) experience such as only cheese can provide? The first box will always include a card telling them how Culture works, and there'll be a card with your message if you've asked for one.