The New Hampers: A Competition

We're very pleased with the new hampers that have recently appeared on our shelves. Each one is the result of a great deal of careful thought - trying to think of combinations that really work, a range of varied styles of hamper - in terms of both cheese and accompaniments - and of course a spread of prices.

Anyway, to help get the word around about these lovely new collections, we have a competition for you!

First Prize: Avalon or Luscious

Second Prize: A Quiet Night In or Das Bier & Kase Box

Third Prize: Sweet & Mellow (in the version with Rosé Spumante) or Morpurgo

To enter, just email us before the end of 29 February with the answer to this question. **Please make sure your email goes to and has 'Hamper Comp 16' in the subject line**

Q: Looking at The Cheese Shed's hampers, seen here, what sort of Expectations would you have?

When the competition's finished, we'll pick three winners and get in touch. Good luck!

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