Weddings: Making a Comeback!

I'm sure that people are starting to think about weddings once again. Venues will be sought, dates pencilled in, suppliers found and arrangements made.

Now, like everybody else, we've barely had anything to do with weddings for a good year. That's really odd for us since it was always such a big part of what we did - with all the wedding cakes, our unique Cakebuilder tool, the wedding bundles - and of course all those other bespoke cheese selections bought for a Big Day!

Buy At 2019 Prices Until The End Of April!

But of course there were more or less zero weddings in 2020. Which means ... that all our off-the-peg cheese wedding cakes are still at 2019 prices. The cheeses have all gone up and we will need to do a price increase. But for now we'll keep them where they are. So our offer to you is:

**Order any of the cheese wedding cakes on this page before the end of April and you will be doing so at the unchanged, 2019 price. Your wedding can be anytime, it's just the order that needs to be placed before the end of April**

And as ever, if you any questions about cheese for weddings, do get in touch.