On the First Day of Christmas ...


We had fun making this! Our version of The Twelve Days of Christmas has, well, a bit more cheese in it that you'd find in the regular version. We gathered together several cheesemongers and some more people who were passing The Cheese Shed at the wrong time, grouped them around the old harmonium and this is what happened.

Click here to see the video!

Our '12 Days' include:

12 Local Heroes (look carefully and you'll spot Devon cheeses from Quickes, Norsworthy, Vulscombe, Curworthy ...)

11 Flavour-Addeds (cheeses with 'a bit extra' such as elderflower or caraway seeds, chilli, pepper, garlic & herbs ...)

10 Whiffy Washed-Rinds (ah! the magnificent collective aromas of Francis, Tornegus, Helford White et al)

9 Modern Classics (just a few we think deserve that status, like Millstone, Yarg, White Nancy ...)

8 Cornish Corkers (no explanation needed!)

7 Proper Cheddars (see above)

6 Blues-All-Mouldy (mould? we love it!)

5 KELTIC GOLDS! (Sue Proudfoot's beautiful creation gets a line to itself)

4 Dorstones (if you're looking for a cone-shaped ash-dusted soft goats' cheese this could be the one)

3 Vulscombes (lovely subtle soft cheese from one of the artisan cheese pioneers, Graham Townsend)

2 Tilly Whims (mellow mini marvel from Dorset's Alison French)

and a Dorset Blue Vinn-ee!