the courtyard opens

At the time of writing - August - we’re just beginning to open up the courtyard to visitors. People can come in to enjoy a carefully devised cheese board together with a glass of something to drink - beer, cider, perry, wine or fruit juice. At The Cheese Shed we sell a lot of cheeses that we’re really excited about, and we love the thought of people being able to come in and share some of that excitement. Everyone that comes in will get a little introduction to the cheeses, and of course we’re available to answer any questions.

Having looked rather sad since we moved here in 2020, we’ve spruced the courtyard up this year - with new timber cladding, new paintwork, and a freshly re-planted flower bed. It’s a lovely space that can seat 10 people, so you’ll never be in a crowd.

what’s the idea?

I was on a train journey over the Alps last year. They had a very restricted menu but I picked out bit of cheese with crackers, a slice of cake and a glass of apple juice. It was so simple and nice that I suddenly thought: “we could do that!” Offer a small selection of cheeses, a few bits and pieces and a choice of things to drink. Keep it simple. Make sure the cheese is the star - as it should be.

And it would allow us to do more of what we enjoy so much in the shop: meeting people, talking to them about cheese and giving them some to try. For our customers, well, it seemed like this might be a chance for them to enjoy doing a nice thing in a nice place. Which can't be bad.

when’s it open? and where is it?

Opening hours are intermittent just now, while we find our feet, so if you’re interested it would be best to ask (by phone, email or in the shop) when it’ll next be open. We don’t want anyone to have a wasted journey!

It’s behind the main building, between it and the barn. To find it, just go down the lane next to the shop (on the right as you look at it) then turn left through the grey wooden gates.

groups and private bookings

If you’re interested in coming as a group, let us know. It could work as a way to celebrate a special occasion, or as an outing for family or a group of friends. We can seat up to ten and organise something bespoke for you on a particular day and time. There can be as much or as little input from us as you want. If you’d like a proper introduction to the cheeses, that can be part of it. If, on the other hand, you just want us to leave you to have fun, we can do that too!