Weddings: The Big Picture


At this time of year there will be lots of people with a wedding coming up - if not their own, then a family member or a friend. Now this is something we've been involved with since the business started, back in 2006, so along the way I like to think we've got pretty good at providing great selections of cheese for what is, after all, one of the most important days in most of our lives.

So, time for a quick round-up of all the ways in which we can help with your wedding cheese.

Our Wedding Cheese Products

  • Cheese wedding cakes. Here you'll find our 'off-the-peg' cakes - all shapes and sizes - feeding numbers from twenty-something up to 150+, but always giving you a nicely-proportioned cake full of variety.
  • Cheese tables: the alternative! Cheese cakes are great but ... well, a well thought-out selection of cut and whole cheeses can create a stunning effect too. Do look at Tradition+ and the Showstopper.
  • The unique Cakebuilder. Our one-of-a-kind tool, helping you to design, sample and order your own bespoke cheese cake (see middle image below)
  • Wedding bundles: at a click, here are all the crackers and chutneys you need to go with the cheese (see top right).


Helpful Blogposts

We also have some posts which open up some of the areas around wedding cheese ... things you might not have thought about! So ...

  • 'Pick your own' - umpteen ways to make a 10" (25cm) cheese wheel, made up of four different cheeses: a great way to bring more variety into your cheese cake (see bottom right).


And finally ...

Please don't hesitate to give us a ring if you want to talk through the options. The number is 01626 835599. Somtimes it just helps to have a quick conversation. And after all, this is something we now know backwards! We'll probably be able to help you see the best way forward, and can happily offer a suggestion or two if that would be helpful.

It's nice to speak to our customers and, as our feedback page hopefully shows, people generally find the service good, and that dealing with us is a positive, friendly experience.