If Anything's The Food Of Love, Surely It's Cheese?

Valentine's Day! It's got to be cheese, hasn't it? I mean, honestly: could there be any better way to show your devotion than through some top notch cheese? I think we all know the answer.

Now, as Cheese Shed customers you may well have your own ideas about what to get for February 14th, but just in case you're looking for some ideas, here are a couple. Firstly, there's what I think of as the yin and yang of perfectly complimentary cheese pairings, and that's our Two Hearts box, based aroud Hot Stuff and a Rustic Heart. Getting the obvious thing out of the way, they're heart-shaped. Of course! But then you get onto the bit I really like, and that's the way each of these fills the gaps left by the other. One is harder and drier, one is softer and moister; one is red, one is white, and one has a tingle of chilli while the other is sweet and mellow. They're just The Perfect Couple!

New for this year is a box we call And Stilton Makes Three. We were thinking about 'after dinner' - and possibly 'late night' - cheese. And of course Stilton is the obvious choice. Yes, I know! We're the great champions of Westcountry cheese. We are ... but having made the rules, we reserve the right to break them every once in a while. A nice big wedge of Colston Bassett Stilton is partnered by Stag's Savoury Selection and Hillside's Caramelised Fig Chutney. Add a choice of Ports or our favourite Somerset Pomona and that's the basis of a beautiful evening in.