Spring Lambs: Celebrating Sheep ... With A Free Sample!

A Sheeps' Cheese Giveaway For Ewe*

It's a simply gorgeous Good Friday here in Bovey, the sort of weather that calls to mind spring lambs gambolling in verdant pastures  - and from there, of course, it's only a short step to thinking about sheeps' milk cheese.

Go back a few hundred years and most of the cheeses made in these islands would have been sheeps' milk. Then tastes changed and they became increasingly rare. But here in the Cheese Shed we love our ewes' milk cheeses, and today we have a new one for you. Mary Quicke is best known for her cheddar, but she and her team also make a wonderful Ewes' Milk Clothbound Cheese (pictured above) and we're delighted to be adding this to our shelves. Made from Devon ewes' milk, it's just an exquisite combination of mellow flavours mixed with sweet fruitiness. Fab, gorgeous, and I'm having some for lunch.

Please note: this offer has now ended.

*I'm so sorry about that. Just couldn't help myself.

Dumplings: They're Back!

Still with sheep, back in stock are the Bartlett brothers' exquisite Dumplings (see below). These quickly-made fresh cheeses are a super-sweet, melt in the mouth experience. They've been away, but now we have a few in stock, and it's lovely to see them again.