The Monger's Seasonal Photo Challenge Comes Round Again

Recently we did our Christmas photo shoot. It's something which I always find very challenging (as in: Very Challenging) but which our clever photographers have fortunately always taken in their stride!

For me these shoots mean big, BIG lists of things to be gathered together - not just what we're selling, but a whole lot of other things like candles, wine glasses, holly etc etc. They mean finding somewhere with several attractive settings to take the pictures. And on the (long) day itself, they mean endless choreographic decisions as cheeses, the furniture and the props - not to mention camera and lights - are shuffled around in pursuit of a hopefully beautiful result. It's hard work - but rewarding when you get there.

As in many areas, we've been lucky to work with great people over the years. 2015 was photographer Paul Glendell's last shoot for us before moving to Aberdeen (and no, I don't think he went that far just to get away from us!!). In the photo above, right, you can see Paul and Liz Ruffles working on a shot at Bovey Castle, the big hotel up the road. Despite it being a grand location, those pictures had a very cosy, cottagey feel. Later, in 2018, we went in a different direction. Designer, artist and photographer Mei Lim has a beautiful modern house in Shaldon. That resulted in a lovely set of light, bright, stylish images, all shot by Mei herself (seen top left above, with yours truly).

This year we have rung the changes again. We've used (gulp) my house, and I can only hope it won't let the side down! The man behind the camera this year was Jon Arnold (above, middle), and jolly capable he was too. I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

NB Our Christmas cheese boxes are on this page. Come back at the start of November to see the complete selection and Jon's photos for this year.