Inside Culture: Your Guide To Our New 'Box Scheme'


The Thing Of The Moment

Subscriptions - box schemes - have become increasingly popular as people look to set up a regular delivery of a food or drink product that's particularly special to them. Veg boxes, coffee or beer subscriptions ... on Dragons' Den the other day I even saw some people setting up a craft gin subscription business! 

Subscriptions are, as the Young People say, a thing.

We've offered a type of subscription for years, but began to think there was something else we could do. Something a bit more flexible, a bit less 'one-size-fits-all'. Hence - after a prolonged period maturing here in Bovey Tracey - the arrival of Culture.

So what is it and how does it work?

How Much? How Often? That's Up To You

In a Culture box you can ask for 2,3,4, 5 or 6 pieces of cheese, all about 200g. And you can have a delivery every week, every fortnight or every month.

Also, you can tell us to send a finite number of boxes, or to deliver 'until further notice'.

What's In The Box?

The cheeses will be carefully chosen by us each time. We'll make sure it's a nice varied selection - and each box will be different from the last - so you'll never get bored. If you want to avoid blue cheese or goats' cheese ... or you want to specify vegetarian cheese only, you'll be able to specify that.


One aspect of our old subscriptions is that you pay for the year upfront. Culture's different, though. With Culture you pay for the first box when you place the order - we'll then take payment for subsequent boxes as they leave us. So you spread the cost! And by the way: with Culture the delivery charge is included - so the price you see is all you pay per box.

Varying Your Order, or Cancelling

This is very simple: if at any point you want to change the way your Culture order works, or you'd like to cancel, just get in touch. You can cancel and walk away from the arrangement any time you like.

Plus! You Get This ...

Subscribers get a personal 10% discount code to use on anything else they buy from us whilst they're a member of Culture. And we've created more detailed information sheets for each cheese, with photographs, so that you can learn a little more about what you're eating.