Planning a Frawzy, or a Dong-Dong?

We always knew that some people were taking the cheese cake idea and using it for events other than weddings. So there are anniversaries, leaving parties, birthdays - all sorts of 'do' where cheese might take centre stage, and where presenting it in the form of a cheese cake might add to the fun.

But these events are typically much smaller afairs than weddings. So last summer we added some celebration cakes for small gatherings, and they've been a real hit, especially the Beano. And there are now two new ones: step forward the Frawzy and the Ding-Dong!

Frawzy Celebration Cake

A Frawzy is old Devon dialect for a party, or a 'treat'! The cheeses here are about half-and-half cheddar and soft cheese. Cheddar comes in the delicious form of Ford Farm's cave-aged cheddar: that's the base. Above that we have four gorgeous and totally different soft cheeses. Old Burford is a beautiful unpasteurised brie, then comes Goddess, a rich and pungent washed-rind Guernsey milk number.

On top of that: two melt in the mouth goats' cheeses, Vulscombe - in the version with black peppercorns - and a tiny Rosary.

Suitable for 13-18 people.

Ding-Dong Celebration Cake

A slightly larger celebration cake, the Ding-Dong immediately scores on the visual level by using a whole nettle-covered baby Yarg as its base. Next up is a Somerset Camembert, then Eve - the wonderfully fruity soft goats' cheese washed in cider brandy and wrapped in a vine leaf. Topping the whole thing off is an ash-dusted Dorstone.

Feeds around 22-28.