Cheese Wedding Cakes: Three Beautiful Summer Looks

An ongoing project in 2017 is to give our 'off the peg' cheese wedding cakes fresh new looks. To do that we're being helped by the very talented Kate Bainbridge from Simply Flowers, and last week Kate and I turned our attention to another three of the cakes: Haytor Rocks, Tintagel Castle and Corfe Castle.

Haytor Rocks (top left- apricot). This was the very first cheese wedding cake we ever offered, which means we've been selling it since - gulp - 2006. Feeds 120 in the large size (pictured) and features solid favourites in Cornish Blue, Westcombe Cheddar, Cornish Yarg and Sharpham. Kate's chosen a beautful apricot-coloured rose called Buttercup, together with some astilbe.

Corfe Castle (top middle - blue). In contrast with the informal look of Haytor - with the roses seeming to tumble down - here Kate has chosen to set her flower - delphinium Blue Bee and Sea Holly - around the layers in two rings, with a small bouquet on top. This cake concentrates on hard cheeses and feeds 40.

Tintagel Castle (top right - pink). A third cake, and a third way to decorate from Kate: this time it's just one flower, a striking pink orchid (Phalenopsis v.zaragosa), set out on a diagonal. This is another smaller cake, feeding 30-40 with a crowd-pleasing combination of Six Spires cheddar, Elmhirst (cream-enriched brie), Cornish Blue and a soft Dorstone goat perched on top.