Cheese Plus Wedding: A Perfect Partnership

Well, we had an important family wedding on Saturday where my lovely nephew Ben got married to the even lovelier Nidhi. Susie and I gave the pair a cheese wedding cake, and actually on this occasion the cheese cake shared top billing with a 'conventional' cake.

You can see them here: on the left, the cake cake, made and decorated by my brilliant sister Jane Wellens, and on the right, The Cheese Shed's contribution, decorated by yours truly. And don't they look great together? Which reminds us that it doesn't have to be either/or when it comes to wedding cakes: you can have both - and they can be great together. Totally different but perfectly matched - it's almost like a metaphor for something ...

help spread the word, and earn a nice ' thank you' from us

Of course one other thing you realise at weddings is that they always contain quite a few people who are about to get married themselves. And we all know people who are making their wedding plans - so I'm wondering if you'll help us spread the word about The Cheese Shed?

Recommend us and ask your friends to use the code PERFECTPARTNERS when they order any cheese cake* over the value of £100. We'll contact them to find out who did the recommending, and then send you a gift of two of our favourite cheeses - about 400g in total - plus the biscuits to go with them.

We can't promise you'll be happy ever after, but I'd be surprised if it didn't cheer you up!

* It can be one of our off-the-peg cakes or a unique creation designed using the Cakebuilder.