15/03/2016: Easter: Is Cheese The New Chocolate?

Ok, that might be pushing it. 

But cheese might just be starting to rival chocolate as a focus for food obsessiveness. So with Easter just around the corner we feel that cheese ought to be able to grab a bit of the limelight from the rather tired old chocolate Easter egg.

celebration cakes for Easter

If you're planning a big family get-together this Easter, why not create a special cheese cake to reflect the time of year? Our Steps Bridge cake (seen right) certainly looks beautiful decorated with daffodils and primroses, and the great thing is that this sort of decorating isn't hard ... on the contrary, it's easy, and fun. Our cheese, your spring flowers and a little imagination - it adds up to a beautiful centrepiece for your holiday table. And if you need something a little smaller, try the celebration cakes for size.

hampers and cheese gifts for Easter

Don't forget that if you feel like sending a small gift next week, we have plenty of marvellous options. To start with, there are the small cheese boxes at £16 and £22: look at these when you don't want to embarrass the recipient with too much of the stuff!  Moving up, the Cheese Shed's hampers - matching cheese with all sorts of goodies - have never been so good, and if you want to focus purely on cheese, our classic gift boxes have something to suit all tastes.

pick-your-own for Easter

Or: why not go free range among the Cheese Shed's shelves? Find some cheeses that sound amazing (they probably will be) and take a punt! Craving Cremet? Tempted by Tilly Whim? Rainbow's Gold sounds ravishing? Why not give them a try - it's bound to be fun. And things like our Oval Alberts, Blueberry & Chilli Jam and Clare's Pineapple Chutney, well: they really are as good as they sound.

So take a deep breath - and go for it.

Don't forget, there's a Bank Holiday on Friday 25th, so all Easter orders need to be in by noon on Weds 23rd.

NB I have just about resisted the urge to deploy a cheese-based pun around Easter (cheese-ster?). Just about.