More Choice For Vegetarians

What is Vegetarian Cheese Anyway?

Traditionally, an essential ingredient in most cheeses was something called rennet. It's an enzyme which is added to the milk and performs the essential function of helping it to clot - to start separating out into the curds (which will become cheese) and whey. Now the thing is that rennet comes from a calf's stomach, meaning that most vegetarians will not want to eat cheese made with it. The good news, however ... is that these days there are non-animal alternatives that do the same job ... giving us the cheeses we call vegetarian (marked wtih a green 'V' symbol on this site).

Now There Are More Vegetarian Gift Boxes

A quick post to say that we've just improved things for vegetarians in the gift box and hamper departments. It occured to me that if someone was ordering a gift for a vegetarian friend, there wasn't quite as much choice as there ought to be. So, now, three more of our gift boxes can be vegetarian if required. So if you're interested in a Cheese Shed Selection, our Cornish or Somerset Selections ... just be sure to choose the vegetarian option from the drop-down menu and we'll make sure the selection is done with that in mind.

The Ultimate Vegetarian Cheese Box

This is new: a dedicated box for vegetarians (pictured top left) with some of my absolute favourites in it!

Extra Mature Wyfe Of Bath is one of the stars here, a big-flavoured beauty that we really love.The blue cheese is that perennial Westcountry star Dorset Blue Vinny, and in the soft department will be one of the three beautiful 'bries' made by the Bartlett family in Somerset (either Little Ryding, Old Burford or Doublet - as available). To accompany the cheese: a box of melt-in-your-mouth Oval Alberts and one of the 'fruits for cheese' set preserves made by Exeter's Jay Allan. So that's what you get in the three-cheese version of the box.

Four cheeses gets you all the above plus Sharpham Rustic with garlic & chives, whilst the five-cheese version (pictured left) adds a squidgy,fruity, colourful Helford White. See the Ultimate Vegetarian Cheese Box here!