New Things For Spring

One thing we notice at the moment is that we’re getting a lot of orders which are very varied  - with more of the non-cheese items than usual. So in the interests of going with the grain, we’re adding a few more!

From Macedonian company Pelagonia (makers of the sweet pepper relish Aivar) comes their Wild Green Fig Jam (top left) and Black Olive Tapenade. By the way, the delicious Wild Green Fig Jam looks black in the jar ... but it is actually green. From long-established Leicester pickling firm Drivers we’ve selected some Sweet Cornichons (bottom right), Spicy Mango Chutney and their 1906 Pickled Onions.

Exeter's Hillside - who we’ve enjoyed working with for years - are supplying the intriguing Celery Pickle (top middle) and Smoked Ratatouille Chutney. Joker in the pack is something which I was sent a sample jar of years ago. It was really good - especially with a strong cheddar, I seem to remember - so finally Gran Luchito’s Chipotle Chilli Honey (honey flavoured with smoked chillies - pictured below, middle) is here.

BACK IN ... after a bit of a hiatus ... Aivar itself and Sweet Cherry Peppers (also from Macedonia) our selected Casalinga olives (Nocellara and Leccino).

On the alcohol side, Croft’s LBV Port has gone, to be replaced by one from Fonseca, and there's an excellent contemporary rioja called Gatito Loco (Mad Kitten!). Moving from loco to local, we've added another beer from Black Tor Brewery: DPA (Devonshire Pale Ale) - pronounced 'excellent' by in-house beer tester Susie. All these are pictured below, left.