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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

Cornish Kern

Cornish Kern is the new cheese from Lynher Dairies, makers of a modern classic in Cornish Yarg.

Kern is longer-matured (16 months), more dense in texture and much more intense than Yarg. Catherine Mead and her team have been working on this for years: starting with the idea of a gouda-type recipe, the cheese evolved, and - with the addition of Alpine starter cultures - the result has something of the flavour you might associate with Comté or Gruyère. Kern is coated in a black wax-type coating.

Kern, by the way, is Cornish for 'round'.

Vegetarian, Pasteurised.

Kern!! Important: Please Read ...

We have had to temporarily suspend taking any more orders for Cornish Kern, after massive demand over the last couple of days. At the moment we're assessing whether we can get more, and if so, when.

Once we have been able to fulfil existing orders we would hope it can be available in the normal way.

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