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Classic Subscriptions

from £99.00

The Classic Subscription is the promise of a lovely box of cheeses (different ones each time) turning up at intervals through the year.

Simply, this is a way of ordering a regular delivery of cheese from us. In the first week of each month, we'll be sending out boxes containing 200g each of four contrasting cheeses (as in the Cheese Shed Selection). You'll get about 800g in all, and we'll vary the selection from month to month, so hopefully the contents will always be a delightful surprise!

Just decide how often you'd like a delivery - i.e. how many boxes over the course of a year - and make your choice from the drop-down menu above. Prices include delivery. As always, this can be given as a gift - you'll be asked for the appropriate delivery details in the checkout process.

What can you expect? Well, by default, a cheddar or other traditional hard cow's cheese, a soft, a blue, and another contrasting hard cheese. But if you have any special requests (things to include, things to avoid) just email after ordering and we'll observe your request.

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(biscuits, chutney & preserve)
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