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A Quiet Night In

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What could be better than settling down for a quiet night in with some beautiful red wine and a couple of the country's most amazing cheeses?

Quicke's Vintage Cheddar truly earns the name, matured for a whopping 24 months resulting in a flavour that makes your mouth glow. And Tunworth is the fantastic English camembert that created a sensation when it first appeared.

For the wine, choose from half-bottles of either Les Vignes du Prince Cotes du Rhone (France) or Echeverria Merlot from Chile (not pictured). Then all we need is some Peter's Yard crispbread and one of Clare Gault's beautiful chutneys. Add a fire, someone you love, and it's the perfect Quiet Night In.

37.5cl wine, 12.5-13%; 500g cheese.

**Note: The image shown contains a Hillside chutney which is no longer in production. This box will contain a chutney from Clare's Preserves.**

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