christmas cheese

Our Christmas Threes, Fours and Fives are selections we work hard at each year and are very proud of. The idea is that each one makes a self-contained cheeseboard: three, four or five carefully chosen cheeses guaranteed to provide variety and balance.

Using our knowledge and relationships with dedicated artisan makers across the region, we've created boxes based mainly around small, whole cheeses which combine depth and complexity of flavour with great visual appeal. In these boxes soft bries sit next to tangy hard cheeses and rich blues. Hard meets soft, strong sits next to mellow, and modern cheeses vie for your attention with traditional ones. The gift boxes start at £28.99 with the Christmas Three.

Christmas cheese hampers

Our Christmas Hampers are based on the carefully thought-out cheese selections we've put together for our other Christmas boxes, but include wine and some wonderful cheese accompaniments, all packed into a stylish wicker hamper with black leather hinges. Hampers start with the Christmas Trio at £64.99, then move on up through the Quartet and Quintet right up to the top-of-the-range Christmas Ensemble.