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Christmas Trio



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Pork Rillette with Sloe Gin
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Fonseca Bin 27 Port
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The Somerset Pomona
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Opinel Corkscrew Knife
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Christmas Three Christmas Three
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Christmas Four Christmas Four
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Christmas Five Christmas Five
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Christmas Quartet Christmas Quartet
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Christmas Quintet Christmas Quintet
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Christmas Ensemble Christmas Ensemble
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Christmas Trio

The cheeses (1-1.1kg in total)

a hard cows’ cheese: Devon Oke or Ford Farm Cave-Aged Cheddar

a blue: Devon Blue or Cornish Blue

a brie: Sharpham or Bath Soft Cheese


Clare's Cranberry Chutney

Stag's Sea Salt & Black Pepper Water Biscuits

Global Harvest Plum set fruit preserve


Ai Galera Poetico wine

Packing: choose between

standard white box or wicker hamper with black leather hinges