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Four-Leaf Clover


A Four Quarters Cake

With ... a Katherine, a 500g Cornish Blue, then Baby Yarg, then:

Quickes Four Quarters (the small version), featuring plain and smoked Quicke's Cheddars, Double Devonshire* and Devonshire Red. Just push the four quarters together to make a whole wheel of cheese. For the base, there's a Cricket St Thomas Brie.

Feeds: 40-50. Size: Diameter 22cm, height 30 cm

* When Quicke's 'Double Devonshire' is not available we will replace it with Smart's Double Gloucester.

Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. To order a Taster Box, go here.

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Four-Leaf Clover

The top-level cheese here is Katherine. Made in Somerset, this is a hard goats' cheese that has been washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. Under that is a 500g baby Cornish Blue, a fantastic on-the-mild-side blue that's one of our favourites.

In the middle of the cake you can see the green and white patterning which comes from the nettles used to cover Cornish Yarg. Because of this, Yarg always looks stunning, but it's a crowd-pleaser in terms of taste too - beautifully mellow and impossible to dislike.

The 'four' part of the cake's name then becomes apparent, with a wheel which is comprised of four quarter-shaped pieces of cheeses all made by the famous Devon dairy, Quickes. You get mature cheddar, oak-smoked cheddar, plus their versions of 'double gloucester' and 'red leicester' styles. All in all, this layer gives you four very popular hard cows' milk cheeses: so you score on variety compared to just using a single cheese.

And finally there's the base, a Cricket St Thomas brie from Somerset.