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When my stepdaughter got married in November 2009, the cheesemonger in the family had to pull out all the stops. We came up with a seven-tier beauty to cater for around 110, which we decorated with blue touches.

Trusty classic Devon Blue is included, along with delightfully creamy Ma Crémière Brie, and a choice of either Quicke's Mature Cheddar or Quicke's Oak Smoked Cheddar. Your middle layer is the pungent, washed rind Keltic Gold from Sue Proudfoot at Whalesborough Cheese, and Dartington is topped with three delightful goat's cheeses - sweet and creamy White Nancy, Eve, which is wrapped in vine leaves and tiny little Capricorn.

This cake is named after Dartington Hall, where the reception was held, and it's gone on to be one of our most popular.

Around 11kg of cheese - feeds 110. Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated.

For more details click the 'about' tab, below. To order a taster box, go here.

Size: Diameter 33cm, height 40cm.

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The base cheese here is something you can't really go wrong with: Ma Crémière Brie. And if you're worrying about the brie carrying all that weight, don't! As long as we steer clear of really ripe cheese (and we do), there won't be a problem.

Above that is a 4kg wheel of real traditional cheddar from top maker, Quicke's - mature or oak smoked, just choose from the drop down menu. Then comes Robin Congdon's classic Devon Blue. So the bottom three layers cover

three cheese staples: a cheddar, a blue, a brie.

Things get interesting with the middle layer, which comes in the form of Keltic Gold, a washed rind cheese from Sue Proudfoot at Whalesborough Farm. The rind washing process means that Keltic Gold is delightfully pungent. It is springy, earthy and sweet in flavour with a semi-soft texture.

Finally three goat's cheeses: creamy sweet White Nancy (we love this one!), a vine leaf wrapped Eve, and - right on top - a little Capricorn.