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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians


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This was one of first colour-themed cakes. Going all-white is an obvious choice for a wedding, and our solution gives a beautiful balanced shape and a great range of cheeses, including soft cheeses Sharpham Elmhirst (cream enriched brie), White Nancy and Capricorn (two delightful goat's cheeses), Little She (a ewe's milk brie) and Ma Crémière Brie. The base is Duckett's Caerphilly, and you can have either Beenleigh (sheep) or Harbourne (goat) for your blue layer.

Around 10.4kg of cheese - feeds 100-110. Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated.

For more details click the 'about' tab, below. To order a taster box, go here.

Size: Diameter 33cm, height 39cm. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Named after the white Haldon Belvedere tower, just east from us, this beautiful white cake includes some of our favourite cheeses. Ma Crémière Brie forms the base (we'll choose one that's reasonably firm).

For the next layer you can choose between Duckett's Caerphilly - made in Somerset, a classic territorial made by the Duckett family in Somerset for generations - or tangy and crumbly Hawes Wensleydale. On top of that sits Robin Congdon's beautiful Harbourne Blue. Note - this is his goat's milk blue: we can also use Beenleigh, which is ewe's milk - just choose the appropriate

option below. Here's what we say: they're both marvellous.

Three wonderfully creamy cheeses top it off, Elmhirst, a cream-enriched (yep! total luxury) soft cheese, and three more soft goat's and ewe's milk cheeses, White Nancy, Little She and Capricorn.

With about 10.6kg of cheese, this would suit 100-110 or thereabouts. Remember you'll need a creative person to decorate the cake as we only supply the cheese! Our creative person is Annie, who's raided her garden to create a pink and green theme here.

If you're looking for a smaller white cake, see our Smalldon.