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Inspired by the idea of using some of our favourite colourful cheeses - including the dramatic and beautiful Wild Garlic Yarg - Lamorna offers a selection of cheeses whcih are as striking to taste as they are to look at. For more information, see the 'about' tab below.

Feeds: Around 100. Size: Diameter 33cm, height 34cm

Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated. To order a Taster Box, go here.

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biscuits & chutney for 100
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Lamorna's base is the ever-reliable Cornish Brie. On top of that sit two marvelloulsy contrasting hard cheeses, first Diana Smart's tangy and ultra-traditional Double Gloucester, then Wild Garlic Yarg. Most of us are familar with Cornish Yarg in it's nettle-covered version - this one uses glossy wild garlic leaves instead.

The result is a real beauty featuring the familar mellow and light Yarg taste combined with a stunning dark green coat. Our favourite Stilton - from Colston Bassett - comes next, and the whole thing is topped off with a little Cranborne brie and Pete Humphries' exotic Katherine: a hard goat washed in cider brandy!