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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians



This cake is all about Cornish Smuggler and the striking orangle marbled patterns which are revealed when this cheese is cut. An amazing effect is created by cutting it into wedges and arranging them in a star shape. As a type of cheddar, Smuggler is great to use in a wedding cake; we add Cornish Blue and Devon Blue, Ma Cremiere Brie, Smart's Double Gloucester and a baby Cornish Yarg to create a well balanced but spectacular cake for 100.

Around 10kg of cheese - feeds 100. Supplied as wrapped cheeses, undecorated.

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Size: Diameter 33cm, height 39cm

biscuits & chutney for 100 wedding bundle 100
biscuits & chutney for 100
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biscuits & chutney for 125 wedding bundle 125
biscuits & chutney for 125
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Stag's Fruit Cake for Cheese
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Dartington Dartington
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This cake has a unique feature based on the special quality of Cornish Smuggler. This is a cheddar type cheese but with an orange marbled effect created via the use of annatto - a vegetable dye. You see this when the cheese is cut. We take two whole Cornish Smugglers and cut them into 6 quarters and one half piece. The quarters are used to make a star shape with the points facing outwards. This sits on the brie and under the Devon Blue. The remaining half cheese can either be fitted inside the star or

left out of the cake and kept as extra cheese.

Tresco has well-balanced quantities of the three essential cheese types, cheddar, blue and brie. There are two blues, Devon Blue and Cornish Blue, and the brie is Cricket St Thomas Brie. Variety is created by the addition of two very popular hard cheeses, Smart's Double Gloucester and a nettle-covered Baby Yarg.

All in all, this cake creates a spectacular and unusual effect whilst providing very mainstream and popular cheese types.