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Washed Rind Discovery Box


The 'washed rind' cheeses all use a technique we used to associate with continental cheeses, but which now features in quite a lot that are made here.

The results are distinctly different to traditional British styles as texture, colour, flavour and smell are all transformed by the process. Here's your chance to explore some of our favourites, in taster-size 150g pieces:


Merry Wyfe

Helford White

Keltic Gold


Rebel Nun (half a cheese, so about 110g)

About 860g of cheese in total.

Fortt's Bath Olivers
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pear Global Harvest Set Fruit Preserves
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Casalinga Antipasto Olives
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Late Season Blend Smith Hayne Orchards
Late Season Blend
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Sharpham Red Onion, Rosemary & Thyme Marmalade
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Cosmopolitan Cosmopolitan
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