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Smith Hayne Orchards

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Smith Hayne Farm is at Cheriton Fitzpaine in mid-Devon. Will and Anna Chambers grow 12 different varities of apple over 12 acres, and from these Will creates batches of very individual cider every year. Each one uses a particular choice of apple varieties in carefully judged proportions.

The ciders are mainly sparkling, using both the 'pet nat' and the champagne method. The technique known as 'keeving' is often used, which brings out the natural sweetness of the fruit.

Methode Traditonelle 2021 (yellow label): a medium dry, fine sparkling cider made using the champagne method. More delicate than the 2019 vintage, flavours of yellow citrus and green apple. 7.5%, 75cl

Late Season Blend 2020 (purple label): a medium, naturally sparkling. A pétillant naturel ('pet nat') blend of 85% keeved & 15% non-keeved cider A rich autumnal juicy blend of late ripening apples. Flavours of woodspice, fresh and dried fruits. 4.5%, 75cl

Special Reserve 2020 (red label).Medium sweet,naturally sparkling. Using mainly keeved juice, this is the sweetest of the three ciders here. 4.5%, 75cl

Reserve 2021 (pink label). Medium Sweet, naturally sparkling. Combination of machine & hand harvested fruit from sprayed orchards - Spontaneous wild ferment - Minimal sulphur at press - Aged in neutral oak & stainless steel - Hand bottled after 7 months under crown cap 4.5%, 75cl