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This cheese does not use rennet and is therefore suitable for vegetarians

Ultimate Vegetarian Cheese Box

from £27.00

Sending a cheese gift to someone who's a vegetarian? We've picked out some of our absolute favourites to make a beautiful off-the-peg selection that'll be just the job.

Extra Mature Wyfe Of Bath is one of the stars here, a big-flavoured beauty that we really love. The blue cheese is that perennial Westcountry star Dorset Blue Vinny, and in the soft department will be one of the three beautiful 'bries' made by the Bartlett family in Somerset (either Little Ryding, Old Burford or Doublet - as available). To accompany the cheese: a box of floury Oval Alberts and one of the 'fruits for cheese' set preserves made by Exeter's Jay Allan. That's what comes in the three-cheese version.

Four cheeses gets you Sharpham Rustic with garlic & chives in addition to the above, whilst the five-cheese version (pictured left) adds a squidgy,fruity, colourful Helford White.

Three cheeses: about 700g

Four cheeses: about 900g

Five cheeses: about 1100g (pictured)

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