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Modern Classics


The cheese world is about innovation as well as tradition; so alongside a great Cheddar or Caerphilly we can find equally wonderful cheeses which have shallower roots. Here are four which deserve to be considered Modern Classics. 

Cornish Yarg only appeared in Cornwall in the 1970s, but is now celebrated not just for it's stunning coat of nettles but also for it's full, mild, smooth flavour. Ogleshield is a washed rind cheese by Jamie Montgomery - softer and springier than cheddar, with a fruity flavour and a rich aroma. Robin Congdon's Beenleigh was - when first produced - probably the only ewe's milk blue in the country. Finally, Pete Humphries' sweet, crumbly White Nancy is the work of a contemporary cheesemaker at the height of his powers.

1-1.1kg weight.

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