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Four Smokin' Cheeses


Christmas! Please Read

We're sorry but delivery of this item is not possible between 15th and 23rd December. For gift boxes that CAN be delivered in the final run-up to Christmas, please go here.

This box homes in on smoked cheese - something we're especially keen on. Here are four sensational examples, starting with the most obvious, the oak-smoked version of Mary Quicke's famous cheddar. Set against that is Devon Smoake - from North Devon's Rachel Stephens - where the underlying sweetness of the cheese will produce a lovely contrast.

The other two cheeses may vary a bit but are likely to include at least one of these: Dorset RedSmoked Wedmore or Smoked Pendragon.

It's about 1.2kg in all. The cheeses come wrapped in wax paper, with background information on all.  

Posh Box option

Tick the box above and we'll pack your cheese in a smart Posh Box. Priced at £8.99, this is a lovely way to give your gift a bit more impact. Substantially made, they feature a magnetic 'catch' and matching ribbon. There are three different sizes - we'll choose the one that seems to be the best fit for the items in the order.

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