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fondue à la Cheese Shed

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Here are all the ingredients you need to make a beautiful fondue, the classic Swiss comfort food. Great for sharing with a partner or friends, and especially wonderful in the winter!

You'd expect us to have our own Westcountry angle, so this version includes two brilliant regional cheeses - Kern* and Ogleshield - alongside Pinot Grigio white wine and Apple Eau de Vie (replacing the original kirsch)! And of course the recipe is included, though you can also see it via the 'about' tab below ...

*Note! When not available Kern will be replaced by Haytor.

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fondue recipe


1 garlic clove, cut in half

180ml dry white wine

250g Cornish Kern, grated

250g Ogleshield, grated

1 tbs cornflour

1 tbs lemon juice

1 tbs apple eau de vie


for cooking: a double saucepan, or a bowl placed over a saucepan of boiling water

for serving: a fondue set

salt & pepper

things to dip - crusty bread, or fruit (apples, grapes) or blanched veg (carrots, broccoli)


2-3, maybe 4


1 You’ll be making your fondue in either a double saucepan or a bowl placed over a saucepan of simmering water. Rub the cut face of your garlic cloves around the inside of the pan or bowl you’ll be using. Then add your wine (we suggest starting with about 3/4 of it) and heat until steaming.

2 In another bowl, mix your grated cheeses and cornflour until the cheese is evenly coated.

3 Heat up the ceramic bowl of your fondue set by putting it in hot water.

4 Keeping the heat low - and making sure the boiling water isn’t touching what you’re making your fondue in - add cheese a handful at a time. Keep going until all the cheese has been worked in, making a smooth, glossy cheese sauce. Important! Keep the heat gentle, otherwise the fondue could split. Stir in your lemon juice and add eau de vie to taste, then season with salt and pepper. If it seems too thick at this stage, you could loosen it up by adding some more of the wine.

5 Put the two parts of the fondue set together - the warmed bowl on top of the stand - and light the candle. Transfer fondue to the ceramic bowl, then serve with small cubes of crusty bread, fruit (grapes, slices of apple) or lightly blanched vegetables (carrot sticks, broccoli) for dipping.