Prosecco Frizzante Spago Botter


The brand bears the name of the family that has been leading the company for three generations. In 1928 Carlo Botter and his wife Maria started a small retail business selling wines in bulk and in demijohns that became an entrepreneurial business model already by the late post-war period, when their sons, Arnaldo and Enzo started exporting bottled wines beyond national borders. At the end of the 90s the third generation - Annalisa, Alessandro and Luca - gave a further entrepreneurial impetus to the company, which led Botter S.p.A. to become a leader in the world of Italian wine. Put simply a frizzante Prosecco is semi-sparkling wine – the wine is bottled at a lower pressure than fully sparkling wines. Therefore, traditionally, the bottle would be sealed with a normal cork, secured with a bit of string – the Corda or Spago (these both mean string in Italian).

Italy, 11%

Biscardo Prosecco Millesimato Biscardo Prosecco Millesimato
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