Ashcombe Gratton's Gold


The Ashcombe Estate is just inland of Dawlish in Devon. There's a long tradition of making cider there and the orchards and cider works were very busy from the nineteenth century but finished around 1950. 

Cider-making at Ashcombe was reborn in 2012. Gratton's Gold is named afer Peter Gratton who looked after the orchards for 59 years. It's a slightly sparking organic cider made from apples and nothing else! With an aloohol level on the low side, this will suit some people.


half (about 850g) Sharpham Rustic
half (about 850g)
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250g wedge Quicke's Extra Mature
250g wedge
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quarter (around 900g) Bovey Straight
quarter (around 900g)
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Organic Vintage Cider Organic Vintage Cider
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Kingdon's Cider No.1 Kingdon's Cider No.1
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