This cheese is made with organic milk

Organic Vintage Cider


A fruity lightly carbonated medium dry cider made from 100% pure apple juice. 6.5%

This is the cider formerly known as Ashridge. It's creator, Jason Mitchell said: "The apples are harvested from old traditional orchards in South Devon. Up to 15 varieties of bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples are used to give a rich well balanced juice. A long slow fermentation using natural wild yeasts produces a fruity aromatic cider with great depth of flavour.

The management of the orchards we use is an important part of the whole process of cider making. We regularly prune the old trees and replant a few every year. We use a flock of sheep to graze and control the grass. Since September 2009 the orchards have been certified organic by the Soil Association.”

100% Organic. Made in Landscove, Devon, 6.5%

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