This amber ale from Salcombe Brewery is sweet and smooth with gentle spicy hop character, hints of burnt caramel and a smoked malty finish. 

The name comes from the fact that Salcombe estuary is home to both British varieties of seahorse, and 5p from each sale goes to The Seahorse Trust, who help to conserve them.


(1kg) Devon Blue
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Rick Stein Oat Biscuits with Cornish Sea Salt
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half (around 1.75kg) Cornish Kern
half (around 1.75kg)
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Driver's Shallots
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quarter (around 900g) Bovey Straight
quarter (around 900g)
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sample Sharpham Rustic
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Pride Of Dartmoor Pride Of Dartmoor
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Avocet Avocet
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Raven Raven
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Devon Saison Devon Saison
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Shingle Bay Shingle Bay
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