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Cornish Gouda with Cumin

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Giel Spierings' version of the classic Dutch komijnekaas. The creation of Cornish Gouda is a wonderful and inspiring story of recent years. It began when the young son of a Dutch family farming in south east Cornwall came home to find a 'for sale' sign on the farm. Becoming convinced that cheese was the way for them to keep it, he set out to make authentic Dutch cheese, using the milk from their own herd of friesians. The rest is history!

Pasteurised, not vegetarian.

NB One of us (Ian) developed a liking for this cheese whilst working on a Dutch building site in the 1980s... it's great that we now have our own locally produced version!

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Cornish Gouda Co

The Spierings family moved from Holland to Cornwall in 1988 to set up a dairy farm near Polruan, in the south-east of the county. Producing high-quality milk, but frustrated by low milk prices, they decided to look into cheese production as a way of adding value to what the farm could produce. Drawing on their Dutch heritage was the obvious way to go.

They refurbished a shed on the farm to use for a dairy and maturing room, and son Giel travelled back to Holland to study cheese-making with other members of the family.  Cheese making in Cornwall began in earnest in 2012, with the first cheese going on sale later that year. The result is a unique addition to the English cheese scene.