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Our Favourites: The Hamper

from £49.00

The same five brilliant cheeses which our staff selected as their favourites (and which you can buy on their own here) but now with a selection of accompaniments.

You'll get Cornish Kern (reminiscent of the French Comté), together with our local heroes Sharpham Brie and Devon Blue. Onto which we will add the Dorset ewe's milk marvel Melbury* and fruity, supple Merry Wyfe - both firm favourites since they arrived, both with us and our customers. Expect 1.1-1.2kg of cheese in all.

To go with that we'll add Stag's Multiseed Water Biscuits, Peter's Yard Sourdough Crackers in the spelt and fig flavour, and The Bay Tree's Gooseberry & Coriander Chutney (sounds weird? It's gorgeous!).

And as optional extras, choose from:

- Appassimento wine (a total hit with our staff and customers);

- Sheppy's Craft Perry;

- Sandford Orchards The General' cider, or

- Heron Valley Apple & Pear Juice

* If Melbury is unavailable we will replace it with another standout ewes' milk cheese, English Pecorino.