Our Favourites

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We're always being asked 'what are you favourite cheeses?' It's a really tough question... but it keeps coming.

So here are five of our favourite cheeses, as selected by the staff at The Cheese Shed. Everyone was asked for their three favourites and we then whittled that list of 18 down. Everyone got at least one of their choices in the final set of five.

There's a central trio of hard, soft and blue in the shape of Cornish Kern (reminiscent of the French Comté), flanked by our own local heroes Sharpham Brie and Devon Blue. To which we add Dorset ewe's milk cheese Melbury and fruity, supple Merry Wyfe - firm favourites since they arrived, both with us and our customers.

Our favourites: we hope you enjoy them.

Contains 1.1-1.2kg cheese.